March 25, 2017

NATA Scoring Process

Schedule of Examination

Date & Time of Examination Subject and Marks of Examination
16.04.2017 (Sunday)
11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.
(Grand Total of 200 marks)
FIRST 90 minutes
Mathematics  (MCQ) 30X2 = 60 Marks (OMR BASED)
General Aptitude (MCQ) 30X2 = 60 Marks (OMR BASED)
TOTAL 120 Marks
LAST 90 minutes
Drawings (TWO SETS) in A4 Size paper 2X 40 = 80 Marks
TOTAL 80 Marks

N.B. No further examination shall be held under any circumstances for those who will be unable to appear on the scheduled date and time of NATA-2017 examination.

Pattern of Questions and Mode of Answering

All the booklets will be served at the beginning in one folder. MCQ answer sheet (OMR) will be withdrawn after 90 minutes. It is to be noted carefully that the candidates must fill in as well as bubble in ALL the relevant information including the “Question Booklet No” at the indicated places on OMR Answer Sheet, Drawing Sheets and Attendance Sheet during examination.

Questions and all instructions will be available only in English medium.

Subject Distribution of Marks Total Marks
Mathematics (30 Qs) 30 x 2 60
General Aptitude (30 Qs) 30 x 2 60
Drawing (2 Qs) 2 x 40 80

Mathematics & General Aptitude Test

Only one option is correct and correct response will yield 2 (two) marks. There is no negative marking, but wrong answering will be penalized in case of tie breaking, as elaborated below.

Answers to both parts must be provided on same OMR sheet, which is specially designed machine readable response sheet. ANSWERS ARE TO BE MARKED (BUBBLED) USING BLUE/BLACK BALL POINT PEN ONLY ON THE ‘OMR ANSWER SHEET.’

Drawing Test

Candidate has to attempt two questions within 90 minutes. The drawing aptitude is judged on the following aspects-

  • Ability To Sketch A Given Object Proportionately And Rendering The Same In Visually Appealing Manner;
  • Visualizing And Drawing The Effects Of Light On The Object And Shadows Cast On Surroundings;
  • Sense Of Perspective Drawing;
  • Combining And Composing Given Three Dimensional Elements To Form A Building Or Structural Form;
  • Creating Interesting Two Dimensional Composition Using Given Shapes And Forms;
  • Creating Visual Harmony Using Colours In Given Composition;
  • Understanding Of Scale And Proportions;
  • Drawing From Memory Through Pencil Sketch On Themes From Day To Day Experiences.

The Answer to each question in the ‘drawing’ paper will be examined by more than one examiner independently and the marks are to be averaged. The primary emphasis in scoring the drawing section is on the candidate’s drawing, imagination and observation skills. The candidate’s sense of proportion and perspective are aI so evaluated together with sense for colour and composition.

Tie breaking rules for overall score

Unified merit list of candidates will be published in NATA-2017. During merit listing, all candidates would get unique rank. Therefore, if more than one candidate gets the same overall marks, tie breaking logic would be applied in the following order :

  • 1. More overall marks obtained in Mathematics test component
  • 2. Less wrong answers in attempted ones of Mathematics test component
  • 3. More overall marks in problems of Aptitude test component
  • 4. Less wrong answers in attempted ones of aptitude test component
  • 5. Earlier date of birth


The score cards will be available on NATA website in e-format. Usually, the score cards will be posted on the website on the fourth working day after the test.

The candidate, after fourth day may check his score directly from website giving his / her candidate ID.

However, print out taken by the candidate of such score card will be only for reference and information. Candidate, however, may use print out of this score card while applying for the admission if the admission authority calls for the same. Original score card will be retrieved and verified by the admission authority directly from NATA server. Only the score card stored on NATA server is valid and no print/ hard copy will be considered valid.

The NATA score shall be valid for a period of two years from the year in which the applicant appeared for the NATA Test.

NOTE: Occasionally, delays in processing may occur. Some scores will not be available on the dates specified. Please check again. Only if the score card is still not seen after 7 days, we suggest the candidate to follow the process mentioned on the website


NATA score reporting is cumulative. Current NATA policy states that the candidate’s scores are retained for the two years from the date of last test taken.